Works with an index of Biblical references are marked with an asterisk (*). For commentaries on individual books, refer to the bibliographies in D. N. Freedman, ed. (1992), Anchor Bible Dictionary, 6 vols. (New York: Doubleday) and the forthcoming International Catholic Bible Commentary, which contains some treatment of reception history. For ancient and mediæval commentaries, see also the comprehensive list in D. L. Jeffrey (1992), Dictionary of Biblical Tradition in English Literature (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans), pp. 901–926.

General Reference | Texts and Topics | Jewish Interpretation | Antiquity
Middle Ages | Reformation | 19th Century | 20th Century

1. General Reference

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1.2. Art

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2. Studies of Individual Texts and Topics

2.1 Genesis

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2.3 Psalms

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2.4 Isaiah

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2.5 Jonah

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2.6 Judith

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2.7 Gospels

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2.8 Revelation

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3. Jewish Interpretation

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4. Antiquity

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