Blackwell Bible Commentaries are a new series of commentaries, published by Wiley-Blackwell, on individual books of the Bible that focus on their reception histories.

What they are saying …

‘This is a very fine series indeed, and what has appeared thus far is far more useful to me than most other commentaries. This is the kind of book that will not just be “best before the next commentary is published” (i.e., normally one or two years later).’
—Professor Bernhard Lang, Institut für Katholische Theologie, University of Paderborn

‘The present commentary on Revelation … the first to be published in the series, is a full success. If you have little space on your shelves for biblical commentaries, I would advise you to throw the other commentaries out and keep this one.’
International Review of Biblical Studies

‘After using [David Gunn’s Judges volume] in the classroom, I have found it to be a good introduction to the basic issues facing scholarship on Judges as well as an impetus for lively discussion. Gunn is to be commended for his truly innovative and well-researched work that expands the interpretative horizons. One hopes it will inspire more scholars to undertake studies of Judges that focus on other aspects and periods of the book’s reception history.’
Jacob L. WrightReview of Biblical Literature

‘I just read David Gunn’s Judges in proof and sent off a strong endorsement to Blackwells. This series is very exciting. It actually renews my enthusiasm for the genre of biblical commentary! These volumes, if they all knock down, as does David’s, the barriers between professional and popular, text and visual/material, will be of major importance in the development of Biblical studies as a critical discipline. I certainly will find myself using these volumes.’
— Burke Long, William R. Kenan Professor of the Humanities and Religion, Emeritus, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine

Ten volumes are now in print!