The Bible in Art, Music and Literature Seminar Series

Hilary term 2018
Mondays at 5pm, The Danson Room, Trinity College

Professor Jaś Elsner, University of Oxford
22 Jan (week 2): ‘Imagining the Divine’: exhibition as exploration of questions of religion’ (Biblical Art in Oxford series)

Dr Chlöe Reddaway, King’s College, London
5 Feb (week 4): ‘The problem of painting Christ: strange responses to the greatest artistic challenge’

Professor Jan Stievermann, University of Heidelberg
19 Feb (week 6): ‘Prophecy, piety and the problem of historicity: interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures in Cotton Mather’s Biblia Americana (1693-1728)’

Dr Cathy Oakes
5 Mar (week 8): ‘Local news: annunciation imagery of the English Late Middle Ages explored through four Oxford examples’ (Biblical Art in Oxford series)

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