The Bible in Music – a unique new reference work

Check out the recently published The Bible in Music. A Dictionary of Songs, Works and More by musicologist Siobhan Dowling Long and series editor John F. A. Sawyer.

The Bible in Music lags behind the Bible in Literature, the Bible in Art and the Bible in Film. It is the aim of the present volume to make a small contribution towards rectifying this situation and, for the first time, seek to do justice to the vast range and frequency of musical settings of biblical texts and texts inspired by the Bible, ancient and modern, Christian and Jewish, classical (oratorios, operas, etc.) and non-classical (musicals, hymns, spirituals, pop, rock, etc.). The material is arranged in such a way as to enable readers with an interest in the Bible to access as many musical uses and interpretations of the Bible as possible, while at the same time providing, for the benefit of musicians and musicologists, a convenient reference tool covering biblical, liturgical and theological information that contributes to the appreciation of the music. Alongside examples of classical music from the Middle Ages down to our own day, there is a deliberate emphasis on popular culture in the numerous entries on hymns, spirituals, musicals, film music, contemporary rock and the like. Special attention has also been given to works by some woman composers, many of whom, like Camilla de Rossi and Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, have been neglected until quite recently.

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