New prize established for budding reception historians

The Society of Biblical Literature released the following announcement today:


De Gruyter, in partnership with The Society of Biblical Literature, has launched an annual “Prize for Biblical Studies and Reception History” to support biblical scholars in the early stages of their careers who are working in the field of reception history. The inaugural prize will be awarded at the SBL Annual Meeting in November 2014.

De Gruyter’s sponsorship of the award will include an annual cash prize of $1,500 for the best recent unpublished dissertation or first monograph in biblical studies, with special attention to the field of reception history. The prize will also include a commitment to publish the winning work after it has been revised into a publishable book acceptable to De Gruyter.

SBL will manage the submissions, support the committee of scholars to evaluate the works submitted, and select the winning dissertation or monograph. The award committee will consist of seven persons, five of which will be appointed by SBL’s Research and Publications Committee, with two scholars appointed by De Gruyter.

The award promotes the study of the reception history of the Bible and aims to highlight the broad impact of the Bible in a wide variety of historical contexts and cultural settings. “De Gruyter has taken an active and leading role in this growing field in biblical studies, one that cultivates interdisciplinary studies in the humanities,” said John Kutsko, SBL’s Executive Director. He added, “In addition to SBL’s attention to its member’s increasing focus on reception history of the Bible through its own publishing program, SBL is grateful to De Gruyter for investing in this area of research and teaching.” “Reception history illustrates the remarkable influence of the Bible throughout history and in all aspects of society and culture, including literature, film, music, politics, and the visual and performing arts,” said Albrecht Döhnert, De Gruyter’s Editorial Director of Religious Studies. “SBL scholars cover a breathtaking range of knowledge, including the origins and context of biblical texts, as well as the reception of the Bible in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and beyond. Its membership will be a rich pool for groundbreaking work.”

Details for eligibility, dates for submitting manuscripts for the 2014 inaugural prize, and submission guidelines are available here.

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